Corporate Venues in Sydney

If you are thinking of a company dinner, a corporate meeting or having a one-day workshop to perform, then look no further than the many venues that Sydney has to offer! You will be surprised to learn the many original and professional settings, the city promises to meet your business needs. Thinking corporate? These six amazing stops will guarantee a stunning experience for your event.

Studio Neon Located at Waterloo Level 2, 136 Raglan St
Perhaps the finest place to cater to your function need. The place is set up with your business arrangements and functions in mind. Whether it is a dining event or a private gathering, the warehouse with its trendy props, fancy mirrors, and lively couches will please you as It guarantees your event success! With a spacing arrangement of over 100 people, the function will get you the accolades and recognition you desire.

Restaurant Interior
The finest place to cater to your function need.

Athol Hall at Bradley’s Head Rd Mosman

Overlooking the mesmeric Sydney Harbor and near the Taronga Zoo, is the Athol Hall. The hall is a best-kept secret in the occasion and wedding ceremony business. It has the capacity to cater to 100 guests and is best suited for weddings, seminars and business conferences and product launch campaigns. This is a historic site which is naturally gifted with sericin views and will provide the absolute stunning experience to the visitors. You can even head for the beautiful Athol Bay during conference break and rest time.

District 01 at Surry Hills 7 Randle Lane
The venue can host up to 190 people and is designed with an artistic mind to appease what your mind desire in creativity and uniqueness. This site can be turned into an ideal spot for your gathering for functions ranging from business events to private parties. The possibilities with this one are endless!

Mr. Tipply’s at 347 Kent St Sydney
Trying to figure out a venue that meets your function requirements in the city. Head out for Mr. Tipply then. It is a massive setup which can host a gathering of 30 to 750 people. The interiors are splendid and come with huge bars and cozy resting areas. The staff in this venue is professional and quick to address your every need. They have a staircase which will lead you to the majestic Attic as well. This is one of those venues which will bring your gathering to life!

Centennial Parklands Dining at Centennial Park Grand Drive
I the gardens of Centennial Park, you can find a huge venue which will host 1000 guests for your function. The venue has its own parking. The setup is neat and gives the impression that you mean business. So whether it is a small function, or a business conference you are planning for, head for this modish location and book your slot.

The interiors are splendid and come with huge bars and cozy resting areas.

The Wonder Bunker at Brookvale 1/24-26 Wattle Rd
If you are trying to have a small function, a party or a formal gathering then the Wonder Bunker and Brookvale is the best option for events catering to 15 to 20 people. The venue provides a natural and beautiful environment near to an ocean, where you can find a peaceful and creative space for your private and business function endeavors.